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4 Tips for Succulents with The Nested Magpie

The Nested Magpie‘s beautiful Garden Room is here! You’re going to find something that speaks to your inner gardener with the Garden Room’s selection of exotic succulents, garden décor, and fair trade items. While visiting ElectricCoMarket, be sure to stop by Gold Tusk Vintage, GlitzNGlaze, Beaver Dam Farm, and Wipledale‘s booths for more gardening goods.

So why should you consider indoor gardening? Plants help purify air, bring joy, and are a beautiful addition to your home. If you’ve never taken care of succulents before, have no fear, a list of helpful tips is ready for you below! Now, let’s begin.

Tell me more about succulent care!

“Succulents” are an informal grouping of thickened, fleshy-leaved plants that thrive in arid environments. They’re ideal for gardeners just starting out and are a stunning centerpiece to any plant-lover’s collection! With research and occasional attention, your new plant babies will be growing strong for seasons to come.

1. Let there be light!
Succulents require between 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. A bright, south facing window is the best location for their growth and health. Be sure to rotate your succulents regularly for balanced growth. A good way to remember to do this is to rotate them when you water them!

Is my succulent getting enough sun or too much? Succulents can sunburn too, just like people! Keep an eye out for potential sun scarring. If your plant isn’t getting enough sunlight, it will begin to stretch out and become etiolated while looking for more light. Be gradual with sun exposure changes to your plant – you don’t want to shock it!

2. Dirt is everything
The environment in which succulents thrive is arid, rocky, and well-draining. Plant your succulent in a pot that drains (if you’ve chosen a planter without drainage, make sure that you do not overwater your plant). You can help your succulent thrive by planting it in a succulent soil (or creating a mix of soil that includes rocks, pebbles, and potting soil). Try not to use too much sand as this can suffocate your plant’s roots. The Nested Magpie prefers a mixture of succulent/cactus soul and Bonsai Jack. Bonsai Jack is a rocky mixture that can be used alone or mixed with soil. It also makes for a nice top cover for your plant friends.

3. Don’t overwater
Have you ever seen the root system of cacti? The fiber-like roots are shallow and wide, in order to best capture the infrequent rainfall that passes over their habitat. While succulents are hardy plants, their vulnerability is that they can become waterlogged from overwatering. It’s better to err on the side of caution. Water your succulent only once every one or two weeks in the summer growing season, and as little as once a month during the winter.

Have I over or underwatered my succulent? If overwatered, the succulent’s leaves will become transparent and soggy and may drop. With underwatering, the leaves may begin to shrivel up throughout the plant. However, if just the bottom leaves are shriveling, that’s completely normal and is the plant’s way of shedding for new growth.

4. Keep a comfortable temperature
Most succulents prefer temperatures in the range of 60F – 80F, and are vulnerable to freezing. If you choose to keep your succulents outdoors, be sure to be mindful of the weather! Most succulents die after exposure to freezing conditions.

With this information, you now have the tools and knowledge to give a happy environment to your new plant buddies. You’re going to do amazing on your succulent journey. 🙂

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